When I was 23 years old, I had already been unemployed three times since I was educated as a pressman/printer two years earlier. There was a high unemployment-rate in Denmark during that period, so I searched out of the country and got a job in Greenland.


Sondrestrom U. S. Air Force Base, Greenland

Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strønfjord)

Primary job: I was the solely responsible for the planning and production of printed material to the whole base.

The typical print jobs were:

The monthly Newspaper ”The Sondrestrom Sun”

The weekly Bulletin from Base Command

The weekly Bulletin from Site Manager / Danish Arctic Contractors

The weekly TV-guide from the local TV Station AFRTS

The weekly Menu from the Mess

The Sunday Preach from the church

Flight Schedules from SAS

Flight Schedules from U. S. Air Force

Various documents to the Base Commander, The Danish Liaison Office (DLO) and The Danish Arctic Contractors (DAC).

The workload was about 30.000 printed sheets a month and my work hours were 50 hours a week.

All printed material to The U. S. Air Force where delivered personally to a Master Sergeant at Headquarter who signed and distributed the printed matter to the “customers”.

All other jobs where picked up by the costumers themselves at the printing plant.

It was also my job to implement all kinds of changes in the laws and regulations conserning the U. S. Air Force

The Laws and Regulations were assembled in approx. 100 binders and I had to find the specific rule, write in all changes,

with a pencil, in between the lines (this was before the computer was introduced).

This was my first introduction to the world of standards.

I also served as a vacation replacement in the other departments in “Base Services”:

one month where I tended "The Bowling Alley"

one month where I tended "The Base Gym"

two month as a Libraian where I tended "The Recreation Center""

During my time at "Sondy" I visited the towns

Illulisat (Jacobshavn)

Nuuk (Godthåb)

I have made a website about my 1000 days in Sondrestrom:


Basic course in Greenlandic language

Level 1 to 3 Studieskolen (129 hours)


International Work Camp in Igaliku, South Greenland

I was severely hit by the arctic fever. Therefore I volunteered to an international work camp in The Southern Greenland where we had to restore some Viking ruins.

There I met my future wife. She was French and was suffering from The Antarctic fever, but had to settle for a trip to Greenland.

Beside that I visited the towns:





Thule U. S. Air Force Base, Greenland, North Greenland


The arctic fever drove me to Greenland once again. This time, in Northwestern Greenland.

I said yes to a cleaning job just to get back to Greenland.

For 8 months I cleaned the radar stations, monitoring stations, offices and barracks.

Here I learned that you can not travel back in time to relive the good times. The worst arctic fever was cured.


Trekking with my future wife from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, 100 KM

16 days alone in the mountains. Stoped over in a small city called Sarfanguaq © 2012-2019